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Polyester Fabric Mounted to Hardboard

November 30, 2017

I’m preparing to start another painting, and wanted to use some polyester fabric I had. First I needed to mount it to a hardboard panel.

This shows a 16 x 20 inch panel with the fabric glued to the front. To get to this point I had to prepare the panel first. It was a scratch panel I had in the studio that had a few thin spots of white paint I needed to sand down. I used some acrylic “gouache” paint I had and mixed it with some GAC-100 medium to both prime and size the panel. I thinned this a bit with water to make it more brushable, and covered the panel in two coats.

I roughly cut a sheet of the fabric about 2 inches larger than the panel. It had a few creases in it, so I used an iron set to low heat to smooth them out. Once the paint had dried to the touch, I covered that with some Liquitex Extender Gel to use as an adhesive for the fabric. This also had to be thinned a little. I dropped the fabric on the wet panel, and used a brayer to roll the fabric smooth. I left this sitting under some weight for a few hours to keep the panel straight as it dried. Later I’ll glue the edges to the back, and trim them to make them look less ragged. Now all I have to do is figure out what I’m going to paint…


New Painting Started: A Distant Stare

August 28, 2016

I think I’ve found something to paint on the new panel I made in the previous post. This was from a short video sequence I had with a woman’s face as she stared intently at another person speaking. She was in the background and the image was small and blurry, so I had to improvise on it some.


I enlarged the image on a scrap piece of paper, and rubbed some white chalk on the background to transfer the outlines. I like all the line shapes here, and may wind up keeping them in the painting instead of using more modeled shadows in the source image. We’ll see how it goes.


Making a Panel with Acrylic Ground for Pastels

August 26, 2016

Now that I’m between projects, I wanted to use this time to finally test out this Acrylic Ground for Pastels made by Golden that I bought a few months ago. My true plan is to see how well it works with gouache paint.


As a test panel, I used a scrap piece of hardboard, 8.5 x 11″. It had a little dried white acrylic paint rubbed into the surface, but I figured that wouldn’t be a problem. First I sized the board with a couple coats of GAC 100 medium to keep anything in the wood from leaching up to the surface. You’ll notice in the photo above that the ground is somewhat gray and translucent. It doesn’t have any pigment in it, like an acrylic “gesso” ground. That gray color is from finely ground silica that gives the surface some tooth for pastels.


The label instruction says to not thin it with water more than 40%. This photo shows what it looks like with 3 coats. The first two coats where not very thin, maybe 10-20%. The last coat was thinner. I noticed that the brush left behind a few small gouges in the surface caused by some larger particles of silica, so I dug that out and filled the tiny holes with undiluted ground using a palette knife. I wouldn’t want to do that with a true gesso surface, but with this acrylic medium it isn’t a problem to patch it that way. I suspect that if I had waited for each coat to dry longer and harden, it wouldn’t have had those gouges.


I wanted to even out the color a bit, so I mixed up a thin wash of acrylic “gouache.” This will be porous enough for regular gouache paint that won’t lift.


The final result I left a bit patchy, but that’s okay. Now comes the fun part of figuring out what to paint on it.


Preview: Artarama Da Vinci Pro Panels

October 15, 2015


I swung by the local Jerry’s Artarama art store this afternoon to spend more than I should have on some goodies, and picked up a small artist panel to test out. It’s a “Da Vinci Pro Panel” that appears to be an exclusive brand to Jerry’s.


The support surface is a 1/8″ MDF (medium density fiberboard) panel braced on the back edges with a 3/4″ wood frame cradle made of New Zealand pine. The surface has been triple-coated with acrylic primer. They come in three texture types: “resist-grip,” medium, and ultra smooth. There’s also an non-coated birch panel option. The sizes are from 3 x 3″ up to 36 x 36″. They will accept any art medium that will work on acrylic primers.


The sample panel I bought was the “resist-grip.” It describes a rough textured surface. I was mostly interested in trying it for pastels. You can see from these charcoal marks what the texture looks like. The finished art could be mounted as is without being set in a frame, but for dry media art, such as pastel or charcoal, you would have to coat it heavily with fixative or varnish to keep it from dusting off; otherwise, they would have to go in a frame behind glass or clear acrylic glazing like any other drawing.


One thing to point out: when I removed the plastic wrap, I noticed it had a small chip scratched off one side edge. The coating is soft and can scratch rather easily. I’m sure Jerry’s would let me exchange it if I wanted to, but it’s not so bad that I can’t touch it up myself. If I decide to get another one I’ll be sure and inspect it first. I’ll post some art on this as soon as I get around to working on it.


Painting Redux: A Game of Checkers

January 29, 2015

Well, I changed it. A little voice kept saying “Orange! It needs more orange!” So, the background is now orange. Happy now, little voice?



Painting Final: A Game of Checkers

December 4, 2014


Here’s the final version of the painting. I painted in the checker board, and cleaned up a few edges and values.

checkers5C checkers5B


Painting Update 2: A Game of Checkers

November 30, 2014


I’m back from the holiday for more painting. I still have to get the game board area painted, and then make a few adjustments.