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New eBay Listing: Rainy Street Corner Painting

August 27, 2015

I’ve decided to put some artwork of mine up on eBay. I’ve tried it in the past with little success, but thought it was time to give it another go. The first listing is a painting from several years ago, “Rainy Street Corner.”

Rainy Streetcorner

Rainy Streetcorner

Here’s a direct link to the eBay listing for this painting.

I plan to add a few more over the next few days, starting with older work first. My thought is to set up a separate blog to list just these items for sale, and keep this blog as a place to show works in progress, so that things don’t get cluttered. As soon as I get that going I’ll post a link here, and I’ll also update my website as necessary.

Hopefully this will be a productive venture this time. You can certainly help that along by reviewing this item and those to come, and making a purchase if the spirit moves you. I’m open to any feedback from others who have had experience with this, so please post comments. Wish me luck!

I’ve set up another blog now. As I mentioned above, it will only be used for announcing artwork that I have up for sale.


Drawing Final: Cowgirl at the Park

August 25, 2015


Okay, I’m calling this one done. I may work up a background for her at some point, but that will be a ways off.


Ink wash on illustration bard, 18 x 24 inches.


Drawing Update 3: Cowgirl at the Park

August 24, 2015


Almost done. I need to add some value to the brighter areas, like her face and front leg, and then smooth out some of the shading.



Drawing Update 2: Cowgirl at the Park

August 19, 2015

I’ve gotten the rest of her figure drawn in the with lightest shade, and am starting to go in with a slightly darker one, starting with her head.


This is going to take awhile, going back over areas like this, but it’s worth it. It is hard to get a sharp edge with this marker; although, it’s good for covering large areas, since it keeps a consistent line, and doesn’t run out of ink. I may wind up going back in with a brush later to sharpen things up.



Drawing Update: Cowgirl at the Park

August 15, 2015

I’ve made just a little progress on the “Cowgirl” drawing. I decided to go with ink instead of charcoal, continuing to use the Molotow marker with thinned India ink.


I’ll continue working with this light tone of ink through the rest of the figure, then mix up a slightly darker shade of ink, and go back over the darker areas. It’s interesting to work with washes this way, using lines for shading. Its similar to how I use graphite.


New Drawing Started: Cowgirl at the Park

August 12, 2015


This may be hard for you to see at this stage. I’ve roughed in an outline of the figure on illustration board using charcoal. I haven’t completely decided yet what medium to go with. Originally I was thinking it would be ink, but now I’m leaning towards charcoal. I’ll sleep on it and decide by tomorrow… probably.


New Drawing: Viky On a Tall Stool

August 7, 2015


I’m continuing to draw with the Molotow ink marker, looking to find the best and least expensive surface for sketching. This is a casein gesso that I painted on a sheet of mat board. It worked okay, but I think I made the glue a little too weak, since the ink would lift off some of the surface as it got wetter. I had to let it dry for a minute before going back over it. For the darker areas here I also used a dark gray PITT ink marker.


The model is my friend Viky, sitting on a tall stool.