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Drawing Final: Angela with Shawl

June 27, 2016


Here’s the final state of the drawing. I just need to carefully scan over it to make a few touch ups.



Drawing Update 2: Angela with Shawl

June 26, 2016

I’m a little further along on her face with more to go. I started using a gray Neocolor II oil pastel instead of just blending black and white, and that’s helped with the middle values. A white Craypas pastel is being used in the large white areas, but I found that I can also brighten that up more with a white PITT shellac marker. Several mediums in combination going on here.


After this one’s done, I think I might make up my own oil pastel gray colors as I did with the black. That will help me avoid that bluish color shift. Not that I mind it here so much, but it’s not always desired.


Drawing Update: Angela with Shawl

June 24, 2016

I think I’m starting to figure this new drawing out.


I decided to use ink to tone the background, and went with cool gray Prismacolor layout markers to keep it as a drawn look instead of brushing on acrylic ink. I used a warm gray marker for her hair.


This area I’m covering with a homemade block of black oil pastel. I’m also using a palette knife to smooth and scrape it down, and the wide tip of a carpenter’s pencil to get around the form of her profile. A Neocolor II black pastel also helps me get sharper lines.

Well, that was the easy part. Let’s see if I can keep it going.


Testing Oil Pastels for New Drawing

June 20, 2016

I wanted to do some testing on the surface of the new drawing to see if my method was going to work the way I expected it to. I used a 2″ strip along the outer edge of the drawing as my work area.


I quickly see that the tone of the paper is not dark enough for the white pastel to show up as intended, so I use some Liquitex acrylic ink, neutral gray #5, to make it darker. The black oil pastel I’m using is my own, made with charcoal. The white oil pastel only brings up the ink value slightly, and gives a bluish tone, which I still think I can use, but it’s not as bright as I’d like to go. Since the paper has been sprayed with a coat of shellac primer, I can scratch through the ink to the paper below, which is a shade brighter. The bluish tone could give me a nice penumbra transition between white and gray.


The next idea I had was to test using graphite as my gray undertone instead of ink. This would keep everything in a dry media texture. I was able to easily scratch through the graphite to the paper below, but when I drew across it with a white pastel, the pencil lines got darker. That is not an effect I want. I’ll have to sit on this for awhile to decide which way to go.


New Drawing Started: Angela with Shawl

June 19, 2016

I’m planning a new drawing. I first made a digital sketch of a face from my imagination, looking in profile.


Next I decided what size the final drawing will be, 17 x 12″, and scaled that sketch on my monitor to trace it onto two sheets of scrap paper that I taped together. I also tighten up the drawing a little more.


I’m thinking that this medium will be oil pastel, similar to a recent drawing I made all in black and white. I’m using a cream colored paper so I can also add white along with the black, instead of using the white of the paper. That should give me a little more depth, or so I hope. We’ll see how it goes.


New Batch of MOO Business Cards Arrived

June 18, 2016


I ordered a new set of MOO business cards, and they arrived today. This small size is handy. A box of 100 cards cost $20.


Sketch of Sergei on the Phone

June 11, 2016

I visited with my friend Sergei recently, and he let me sketch him as he talked to his agent. He works as an actor and model.