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Converting Bookshelves Into a Table

September 30, 2012

As I continue to get the new studio room ready, I realized that it needs some extra shelving. I found bookshelves on sale at a local department store (Target,) so I bought a couple of them, and when I got them home I decided to turn them on their side to use as a work table as well as shelves for storage. Here you can see one of the two already assembled. It’s approximately 3.5′ x 2′ x 1′.

I screwed the two vertical shelves into the sides for more stability, and added two plywood shelves that I will later stain black. I plan to keep the center space open where I can put large raw material like drawing boards and panels. The other bookshelf will be modified the same way. I’ll place them back to back, and then probably attach a large wood panel on top to use as a work table.


Moving In

September 21, 2012

Yes, I’m still alive and well; although, very tired. I’ve finally moved all the big stuff into the new home, and trying to figure out where to put it all. I should get back to drawing and painting soon, and I greatly appreciate those of you who have stuck around over the last few days.

On another note, I recently upgraded my old router to a newer model with a table. Right now all I can say is it turns off and on, so I still have to see how it groves. I’ll just add that to the list of things to do.


Sketching at the Beach

September 6, 2012

Here’s a recent sketch from spending a few relaxing days at the beach, people gazing and sun soaking. A 9×12″ drawing made with an ink marker pen, Uniball Gelstick.

Something I always try and concentrate on while sketching people is to first draw the things I think will move while I’m drawing them. In this case, that was her arms. Everything else is likely to stay in place long enough to capture them before they move.


The Grass Grows

September 2, 2012

Too long a time has past since my last posting, and this one will not be about art, but to just keep the ashes smoldering a bit, I want to show something of what I’ve been up to of late. I plan to move into the new home in a few weeks, and have been spending a great deal of time and effort getting the place ready for occupancy. The yard had been neglected for quite awhile, so in order to spring it back to life I planted grass seeds a few days ago, and shoots of it are finally starting to appear.

Please bear with me a little while longer as I will start to get back on the art track again soon.