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Reworking Weary Traveler Drawing

February 27, 2013

I had “finished” this drawing below some time ago, or so I thought. I was never quite satisfied leaving the background an empty void of white, but was uncertain on what to fill in with, so I had just set it aside.

greeting_BK_linesblg greeting_BK_linesblg2

After looking around awhile at several possible locations, and going through tons of reference files, I settled on going no further than my own front door. I took a few photos until I was happy with the shadows and positioning, and made a composite of what I liked. I then drew an outline sketch to scale, and printed it out in a series of 9 pages that I then taped to the back of the drawing. I’ll use a light table so I can see the reference lines underneath.


Imagine 2013 Art Exhibition

February 23, 2013

Last night was the opening for the local art event, Imagine 2013, in Round Rock, TX where two of my artworks are on exhibition. The live music and dance performances made a for pleasant evening.

imagine2013_04 imagine2013_01B

They had so many entries that they had to hang other works in another location, including one of mine, and will hold a separate opening event there at a later date. The show will run until the middle of May, so please drop by for a visit if you’re in the Austin area over the next couple of months.



Painting Finished: Liszt Recital

February 22, 2013

Here’s the finished version of the painting, “Liszt Recital,” 8 x 10 inches on a plaster (Permastone) panel.



Painting Update#2: Liszt Recital

February 17, 2013

Almost there. At least I can finally see the finish line from here.



Two Pieces Ready For Art Show

February 14, 2013


More employment work has interrupted me finishing the recent painting I started, but I expect to get back to that in the next day or two. In the meantime, I can announce that these two recent pieces above were accepted into a local art exhibition. I’ll be dropping them off in the morning. More details about the opening and exhibition dates will follow soon.


Painting Update: Liszt Recital

February 9, 2013

This painting has been fighting with me. I decided to start off with a grey undertone ink wash, which went fine, and then I got distracted for a couple days doing other chores.


When I came back to it and started in with the base colors things started getting nasty. I didn’t like how the curtains were going, so I wiped them down and started again. My task here is to get all the colors laid in and come back and refine things later. Even still, I’m rethinking where I want this to go, which is not my usual process, but it should turn out to be an interesting exercise.



New Painting Started: Liszt Recital

February 3, 2013

I’ve started the layout for a new painting.


It’s based on an old thumbnail sketch I made several years ago of a friend playing a composition by Franz Liszt on piano. The original sketch had a horizontal layout, but I decided to go with a vertical arrangement instead.

I enlarged the sketch to an 8×10 inch size, and transferred the outlines to a plaster tile (see my previous post on Permastone.) The homemade transfer paper isn’t shown, but you can also see an old post I made about that here. The orange pencil helps tell me where I’ve already drawn my transfer lines. I’m planning this to be another gouache painting.