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Painting Update 6: Violin Section

March 30, 2015

Almost done. Some areas need the values adjusted. I should get it finished in the next update.



Painting Update 5: Violin Section

March 24, 2015


I’ve gotten a couple more figures done on the painting. I’m keeping the paint a little “wetter” than usual by using a little of my casein medium mixed in with the oil. Not for any particular reason, just because.



Painting Update 4: Violin Section

March 20, 2015

I’ve got a couple of the faces in on the new painting. I’m attempting to be a little looser, but that doesn’t make things move any faster, I’m finding. What’s the hurry anyway, right?



Frank Frazetta Original Artwork at Austin SXSW

March 14, 2015


I should have been catching up on the painting today, but instead I made a trip to see an exhibit down in Austin of original artwork by Frank Frazetta.

There were several paintings and a couple pencil drawings of his there. It was my first time to see original art by him, and I was more than thrilled. Seeing “The Egyptian Queen” and “Conan and the Man Ape” alone was well worth the trip. Art at this level should always be seen in person. If you’ve only seen them in print, you are missing out. The tones that Frazetta put in the shadows almost always got eliminated in prints. I was very surprised to see how thinly he painted. I couldn’t find even slightly raised brush strokes anywhere, and they were all oils.

Also on display were other artworks by Drew Struzan and other artists from a collection of director, Robert Rodriguez. The large “Sin City” portraits I especially liked. The show will run through next week, ending Saturday the 21st. If you’re in the Austin area please check it out.


Painting Update 3: Violin Section

March 9, 2015


I’ve gotten all the darkest areas roughed in with local color with some limited modeling on the new painting. I’ll let this dry some more today, and then start working on the other areas tomorrow. So far so good, I think.


Painting Update 2: Violin Section

March 2, 2015


Getting back to the painting after last weekend’s show, and making my way around it. I think I’ll focus on all the dark areas first, and come back to the faces and lighter values next.


Best in Show Award at the Imagine Exhibit!

March 1, 2015

Great news happened at last night’s opening of the Imagine Art Show: I won the “Best in Show” award! I know, right? I’m as surprised as you! This was for my painting, “Shakespeare At Dusk.”


You may notice that it looks a little darker than my previous posts of the finished art. That isn’t due to the lighting at the show, but because a few months ago I had changed the painting to have a darker, greyer tone. It was a risky move, since it was a finished painting that came out looking okay at the time, but I felt something just wasn’t satisfying me. After letting it sit awhile I decided to go back and make it look more like the original scene that had inspired me. Here’s a sharper picture of the painting:


I’m happier with the new version, and apparently it paid off. I stood next to the painting last night, speaking with people viewing the painting, and was happy to hear them understand exactly what I wanted them to feel.

I’m very grateful to the Round Rock Art Council for honoring my work with the award. If you get a chance to visit the show, please take the time.