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Artspace Landscape Exhibit

February 28, 2012

More good news: I’ve had a couple works accepted into a local art exhibit at ARTSPACE gallery in Round Rock, TX. It’s a landscape theme so I submitted a recent painting and photograph, shown above.


Painted Cut-Out Figure

February 26, 2012

Here’s something I’ve dug out of my storage bin. It’s an old cut-out figure painted on illustration board. It was painted with acrylic. I did a series of these for awhile using dolls and stuffed animal figures back in the art school days of my ancient history. Some of them, as this figure once was, were simply hung by a string on the back and dangled like a mobile. Others were more intricately made mechanisms that could be held by a stick and their arms and legs would move by pulling strings like they were puppets.

Sadly, all the others have disappeared over time, or may have secretly escaped their storage cages. I do rather like the painting technique and color used back in those days. I was somewhat influenced by the painter Wayne Thiebaud at the time.


Background Finished in Figurine Drawing

February 19, 2012

Here’s the final version of the drawing, “Flora.” I like the low relief effect that the background tones give to the figure, so I’m glad I kept it that way.

The figure was drawn with an oil-based pencil from Walnut Hollow. The background was made with graphite.


Drawing Background for Figurine: Part 2

February 16, 2012

I’ve made a little more progress on the background. The lighter shade is now laid down with the 5H lead and I’ve carved out the upper left corner with a darker shade.

I’m trying to resist the temptaion to lower the whole value of the background a step or two further down. I like the effect I’m getting so far with these close high values, especially against the dark shades of the figure which is popping out with a nice 3D effect. I think the thing to do now is just keep going ahead and see how I like it when it’s all covered.


Drawing Background for Figurine: Part 1

February 14, 2012

Okay, enough of this sulking. It’s time to get back on the Art-making train. While digging through recent work for some art submissions, I found this drawing I had set aside about a year ago. It was a drawing of an 18th century figurine sculpture with only the figure drawn. Now is as good a time as any to get that background area wrapped up.

I knew that I wanted a dense shrubbery, but needed some reference material to go by, so I took a walk through a nearby apartment complex that had some nice greenery in their courtyard. I took a few photos of some different shrubs that I thought might work for me, some of which you can see above.

Using a hard lead 5H graphite pencil, I started laying in the background. I wanted to get a soft light tone to set down the first pass of grey, feeling out the shapes of leaves and branches.

After getting the first quadrant of the background set, I stopped and went back over it with a slightly darker (HB) tone. I’m gradually making more defined shapes and forms in this manner. I’ll likley pull back the lighter areas some too as I get the whole thing covered, but I’m liking how it’s coming together at this point and don’t want to get too far ahead of myself too soon.

This method of drawing is something akin to sculpture, fittingly. I’m roughly laying down one shade and then shaping everything up in separate passes, leaving some areas rough, some more defined. Well, that’s the plan anyway.


Imagine 2012 Exhibit

February 13, 2012

My recent painting, “Lunch at the Bright Cafe,” was accepted into the upcoming art show, Imagine 2012, here in Round Rock, TX. I needed some good news to get me out of this recent funk. This should charge me back up. If you’re going to be in the Austin area during the next few months (Feb.24 to May.18,) please drop in and check out the artwork.


The Ties That Bind

February 6, 2012

My humble appologies for again falling behind on regular (irregular) posts. A family crisis has arisen to require my full attention. I shall recover soon, I hope, and get back to things of art and creating.

In the meantime, please indulge me showing you frames from old family 8mm films taken by my father, circa 1959/1960.

I pray you to reach out to your own family and hold them close. Life is short but love is long.