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Painting Update 2: Channel Surfing

February 29, 2016


Here’s the latest state of the new painting. I’ve got the legs, arms, and shirt painted. That front forearm may be a shade too dark, but I’ll wait to glaze that after the oil dries some.


Painting Update: Channel Surfing

February 26, 2016

I’ve gotten a little further along on the new painting, painting in the background areas. I like how the texture of the sofa looks behind her. The smooth surface of the drafting film is really helping me keep the paint lose and slick, which is just what I want here.



New Painting Started: Channel Surfing

February 21, 2016

This is a small painting sketch I’ve started, laying in just the undertones at this point. It’s based on a photograph of my friend, Maria, who was sitting in front of the TV changing channels. I’m painting in oil. The size is 9 x 12″.


The surface I’m working on is Wet Media polyester film from Grafix, which I’ve spoken of before. I’m trying to get more experience working on this surface. I didn’t use any thinner on this, but probably should have, since it will take longer to dry well enough to continue on. Next time I should try starting on a thinned layer of paint to keep it from being so slippery, and speed up the drying.


Using Magnets to Mount Drafting Film

February 14, 2016

I’m testing out an idea for mounting polyester drafting film by using magnets instead of adhesive. One of the most popular posts I’ve made was regarding the use of drafting film for drawing and painting, but an open issue has been trying to find the best way to mount the finished work. Acrylic gel or double-sided tape works okay, but I’m still looking for other methods. Using magnetic strips might be a good alternative.


I saw a craft idea on a friend’s Facebook page about how they made their own note board using magnets and sheet metal, and that started my brain gears spinning on this idea. At the local hardware store (Lowe’s) I picked up a roll of magnetic tape, and a sheet of galvanized metal. The tape is 1/2″ by 10 feet ($4,) and the metal is 2 x 2 feet, 26 gauge ($11).


Because the tape is so thin, it doesn’t have a lot of magnetic strength, but was still good enough to hold the film sheet vertically without it moving. I shook the metal very hard and it didn’t budge. In the picture above you can see it holds well even upside down. The tape has adhesive backing that I can stick to the inside grove of a frame or the back of a mat.

The sheet metal is a little heavier than 1/8″ hardboard, so you’d have to anticipate some extra weight. There is a product called magnetic primer which is a paint that has iron flakes mixed in to allow magnets to stick to it. The hardware store didn’t carry it, so I’ll have to track some down elsewhere. If it works as well as this sheet metal, then I could paint it on a lighter weight backing surface that’s easier to cut and cheaper.


Painting Reworked: Javier’s Accordion

February 13, 2016


After looking over the “finished” version of this recent painting, I decided that back wall was just too boring, so I went back in and added a striped serape blanket. I’d better stash this one away before I change it again.


Imagine 2016 Art Exhibit

February 12, 2016


This morning I dropped off 2 art pieces for this upcoming local art show, Imagine 2016. Opening night will be on the 27th of this month and it will run until June 3rd. Click the image above to see the details. Come and see!


Painting Final: Lake Winnsboro

February 3, 2016


Okay, I think I had better stop here on this one before I mess things up. I’ll set it aside for awhile, and come back later to clean up a few spots, but I’m calling it finished for now.