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Painting Final: Curtis On Guitar

September 15, 2018

I’m going to call this finished for now. I’ll still need to do a few touch ups here and there, but I’ll let him sit for awhile and listen to him play.


Painting Update 5: Curtis On Guitar

September 9, 2018

Here’s the latest update on the painting. I’ve got the flower pot, chair and floor done. I need to finish on the guitar and the back wall, a little touching up, and that should be it.


Painting Update 4: Curtis On Guitar

September 1, 2018

Here’s some more work to show you on the new painting. There is more of the figure painted, his boots, and I started on his guitar. I remembered there was a worn spot on the guitar below the hole from where he scraped it with his fingers over the years, so I put that detail in.


Painting Update 3: Curtis On Guitar

August 26, 2018

Only a little bit of progress to show on the new painting. I’ve worked more on the shirt and pants. They’ll need more work, but I’ll move on to others areas first, maybe the arms and boots.


Painting Update 2: Curtis On Guitar

August 21, 2018

Back to the new painting. I’ve just got the background roughed in a little more to the sort of color scheme of blues and browns that I had in mind.

I’ve been working with the Open Acrylic Medium on this (see my previous post) for a couple days, and like how it’s working out. I’m mixing the Open Gel into regular acrylics, and thinning with just water. The paint/gel dabs I use are staying wet for a couple days in my palette, but the thinned paint dries quickly; although, a little slower than paint without the gel. I found that I can scrub the dry paint with a stiff wet brush and get it to lift, which makes it more workable. After drying for a longer period, it won’t easily do that.

Here’s what I put together as my palette for this project. I found an egg tray made of plastic with 14 holes and a clear cover. I also got a styrofoam plate to use as a mixing area. I squeeze out dabs of acrylic paint on the tray, mix in a small amount of gel, and use a palette knife to move that to the plate to mix into the colors and consistency I want. When I finish, I place the plate over the tray, and seal it with the cover.


Painting Update: Curtis On Guitar

August 13, 2018

I have a little progress to show on the new acrylic painting, laying in an undertone base. I decided to take the canvas off the stretcher frame, since I never much cared for the spongy feel of a stretched canvas. I drew in rough outlines first using an orange pastel, and the bounce of the canvas was leaving indentations from the wood frame. So, I just taped the canvas to a sheet of plastic. Now the water won’t bother it. I may even add clips to the edges of the wood frame I took it off of, and stretch it like I do for watercolor painting, to keep the wrinkles away. We’ll see. I’ll glue mount it to a wood panel when I’m finished.

I’m using a rough undertone wash of colors complementary to what I have planned. I covered the pastel drawing with a thin coat of acrylic medium to keep that from mixing into the paint, and then added thin color washes.


Starting a New Painting: Curtis On Guitar

August 6, 2018

I wanted to get back to painting again after all the ink drawings I’ve been doing lately, and for my subject I chose my recent sketch of Curtis playing guitar.

I got a general “future vision plan” of what I hoped it would turn out to look like in my head, and then chose an 18 x 24″ canvas that I had previously stretched a long time ago. I think this time the media will be acrylic paint, since I haven’t used that in awhile. I scaled up the original drawing on a larger sheet of newsprint as an outline drawing, and next I will transfer that to the canvas. Wish me luck!