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New Drawing: Maria In Charcoal

March 29, 2014

Well, I’m finally back. I’ve been on a temp job for a few weeks, aching to get back to the art making. A good artist friend had shown me a charcoal drawing she had recently done, so I thought that would be a good medium to get my fingers dirty with. Here’s the result of today’s work.


It’s 8.5 x 11 inches on lightweight rag paper, based on an old photo session with a model friend, Maria. I try not to blend too much with charcoal, preferring it look more drawn than painted.


Jules Guerin Illustrations for “The Holy Land”

March 6, 2014


I came across this book recently, “The Holy Land” written by Robert Hichens, and illustrated by Jules Guérin that I wanted to share. The scans of Guérin’s paintings for the book are very good. You can find the book, as I did, at the site, and here’s a wiki page on the artist.

guerin02_holyland guerin03_holyland

guerin05_holyland guerin19_holyland