New Painting: Able’s Cafe

August 11, 2019

I’m back! Did you miss me? I had to go back and touch up a few things at my temp job, and then later some personal things started to catch fire. However, things have calmed down a bit, so I grabbed some oils paints and started this one before something new interfered.

truck passing by on a farm road

This comes from a picture I snapped with my phone coming out of a truck stop cafe I stopped at for breakfast to get to that job. The sun was coming up bright over the trees in a way I wanted to save for later.

I’m using a sort of burnt sienna mixed with chrome oxide green oils that have be thinned with diluted casein medium. This color is a neutral complement of the red violet over all color I intend for this painting to have, but really serves more for values at this point. I have the photo showing in my small digital monitor as a reference. This was all just roughly sketched in with paint.


New Sketch: Rob & Janet Watch TV

July 20, 2019

I been away for a few days on a temporary job to get a little spending money, so I’m a bit rusty on the art lately. It’s my friends Rob and Janet watching TV.

I’ve got a few ideas saved up for some new paintings now that the job’s done, so stay tuned.


New Sketches: Applying Eye Makeup

July 7, 2019

I sat in a local cafe yesterday watching this young woman applying makeup to her eyes. She had an interesting technique for the mascara, that I imagine isn’t unique, but one I’d never seen before. She held the brush steady, and blinked her lashes across it.


New Drawing: Monique’s Feet

June 27, 2019
drawing of woman holding her knees

Past time to show a new drawing. Here’s the latest of my friend, Monique. She said she was always teased about her big feet, but I think they’re awesome.


New Drawing: Coke and Pizza

June 17, 2019
drawing of man sitting on sofa drinking Coke

Here’s another ink drawing of my friend, Bob; this time drinking a Coke and eating pizza. We were watching the NBA finals. Well, he was. I couldn’t talk him into taking off his shades. It’s about 11 x 14″.

I started with a light grey outline sketch using a Prismacolor layout marker, and then added most of the details on his figure with a water brush filled with thin Sumi ink. I took a photo of the couch so I could finish that up later.


New Drawing: Bob’s Favorite Chair

June 12, 2019
drawing of man sitting in a chair smoking

This is a new ink drawing of my buddy, Bob, relaxing in his favorite chair watching TV while I sketch him. The paper size is about 12 inches square.


New Drawing: Terri Reads a Letter

June 2, 2019

Here’s a new drawing in ink of my friend, Terri, reading a letter in bed. It was originally only going to be a quick sketch, but I got caught up in the shading and couldn’t stop. Size is @ 11 x 14″