New Sketch: Elizabeth’s Print Dress

August 21, 2016


My friend, Elizabeth, dropped by yesterday wearing a lovely print dress that she modeled for me. I got so wrapped up in the details I didn’t have time to sharpen them up before she had to leave, but I managed to snap a couple photos to help me clean it up later, or make into a new drawing. I’m getting a sort of Klimt meets Gauguin vibe, so we’ll see what I can work up for a background at some later date. This is pencil, about 21 x 12″.


New Drawing: SPF-30

August 15, 2016

This is a charcoal drawing (charcoal pencil) of my friend, Elizabeth, applying some sunscreen spray. She wouldn’t need it today, with all the rain we’re getting. Paper size is 24 x 18 inches.


It was done at a figure drawing session I participated in recently. I always prefer the model to be doing some sort of action other than just posing. I may make this into a more complete drawing once I figure out a good background for her.


Painting Finished: Elizabeth Stretches version 2

August 11, 2016

I’ve got the painting all finished now, I believe. I gave her a floor stand on so she wouldn’t float so much. It’s hard to get a good photo of it, but this is fairly accurate. Acrylic paint and oil pastel on 24 x 12.5 inch illustration board.




Reworking a Painting: Elizabeth Stretches

August 9, 2016

I dug out a painting I had finished about a year ago to make some changes. I wanted to add a broader tonal range of values with more highlights to her figure and a darker background. I’ve photographed the background unfinished so you can see some of the process.


The black acrylic paint was reflecting too much of a satin sheen, and adding matt medium wasn’t helping, so I tried using oil pastel instead. That seemed to do the trick. I used a pink and white pastel on her figure, and for the background I first used a blue then black pastel. I mixed the blue and black together with a paper towel dampened with mineral spirits to blend it together. To get around the shape of her figure, I used a cotton swab dipped in the spirits.



John Gannam Illustrations for Pacific Mills

August 8, 2016

For several years during the late 1940’s, the fabric company, Pacific Mills, ran a series of advertisements painted by the artist John Gannam. They are prime examples of great magazine illustration art during this period. Here are a few of them. Life magazines are a good source for these.

gannam_pacific6 gannam_pacific5
gannam_pacific4 gannam_pacific3
gannam_pacific2 gannam_pacific1


New Sketches at the Library

August 5, 2016

Here are a couple recent pencil sketches I made while visiting the library. There was a woman gulping down a breakfast burrito in the courtyard, and I later found someone watching people from an upstairs window.




Painting Finished: Filing Her Nails

August 2, 2016

Here’s the final version of the painting; although, I still need to touch up a few edges. I might also brighten up the whiter areas once the paint dries.


I made her head a shade darker to read better against the white curtain behind her. In these closeups you can see how lean the paint is.




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