Imagine 2016 Art Exhibit

February 12, 2016


This morning I dropped off 2 art pieces for this upcoming local art show, Imagine 2016. Opening night will be on the 27th of this month and it will run until June 3rd. Click the image above to see the details. Come and see!


Painting Final: Lake Winnsboro

February 3, 2016


Okay, I think I had better stop here on this one before I mess things up. I’ll set it aside for awhile, and come back later to clean up a few spots, but I’m calling it finished for now.


Painting Update 5: Lake Winnsboro

February 1, 2016


Getting there. I’m still working on the foreground, which is a little too sketchy, but I like the grass line next to the water. I think the yellow green grass at the bottom needs to go to a darker orange color, and maybe add some tree shadows.


Studio Tip – Binder Clips

January 26, 2016

I’m taking a short break from the painting to show a tip for using binder clips in the studio. I use them to keep my paint tubes organized, or for hanging sheets of paper or canvas. You can buy these at an office supply store in various sizes. These are “medium” size, 1.25 inches.


To slip the clip over the plastic hanger, I squeeze the metal handle and remove them from the clip. I then slide them over the hanger, and squeeze them back on clip.


I can now place the hanger on a rod and clip the bottom ends of paint tubes to them. This allows me to organize the paint by medium or paint color – however I need them. To keep them from sliding down the hanger, I can tie a wire “twisty” on the handle. The clips are strong, and will hold even a large tube of paint.


Alternatively, with this particular type of metal shelving I have, I can slip the clips over the metal rods, and not use hangers at all. You can also get some peg board hooks at a hardware store, and slide the clips on those.


Another use for the clips and hanger is to hold sheets of paper or canvas using these plastic “slide-grip” binders sold for report covers.


They’re less likely to damage the sheets than the metal clips themselves, and will keep the sheets straight. This can be especially useful for wet surfaces that that need to dry. With the painted side facing the wall, dust is less likely to get on the surface.



Painting Update 4: Lake Winnsboro

January 25, 2016


I’ve painted in more of the lake, and I’m starting to work in the foreground area. The hansa yellow is keeping things nice and bright, but I’m having to add some white to it to make it opaque in some places. With gouache, a light touch of the brush also helps the strokes from getting too transparent.


Painting Update 3: Lake Winnsboro

January 18, 2016

Finally starting to rough in the lake itself.


I’m considering if I want to add a person in a row boat. There was a guy in the lake at the time I took the photos, but I didn’t get him in any of my shots. Not sure it needs it, but it’s a thought. Maybe I’ll add a big rubber duck instead (kidding… maybe.)


Painting Update 2: Lake Winnsboro

January 12, 2016


It may not look like I’ve covered much space, but I’ve actually been reworking much of it, trying to get a feel for what it was I was painting. I had gotten somewhat frustrated with it last night, to be honest, but came back to it this morning with fresh eyes, and I think it’s starting to come together.


I added some slightly darker values to the tree branches on the left, and that helped set the background back more. I expect there will be more adjustments to be made later.


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