Appreciating the Art of Robert Maguire

October 6, 2015


I was showing a collection of paperback book cover scans to a friend recently that were made by the artist Robert Maguire. A couple of them were spotted as being misattributed to him; a common mistake with so many cover illustrations not signed or credited. This forced me to sort through my collection and become more familiar with his work.


He has quickly become my favorite cover artist. I think you can see why with these examples. This site has a good biography about him:



New Sketch: Javier Plays Amapola

October 4, 2015


These are a couple recent pencil sketches of a local musician friend of mine, Javier. He’s playing what he tells me is an old standard Latin tune, “Amapola,” on his accordion. It was lovely.



Drawing Final: Woman with Folded Legs

September 27, 2015


Done… for now. I’m still deciding if I need a shadow on the wall cast from her head, but I’ll get back to that later.


Drawing Update 5: Woman with Folded Legs

September 25, 2015


Well, I’ve finally gotten all the wall lines drawn in. I need to continue evening out the tone so it’s not so spotty. I’m not sure if I want her to cast a shadow on the wall, so I may draw a digital test of that to help me decide. Next I’ll work on the bottom front of the sofa, adding modeling and darker values, and that should wrap it up.


Some Old Figure Drawing Sketches

September 22, 2015


Still working on the back wall of the new ink drawing, but there’s nothing much to post yet, so I thought I’d dig out a few old figure drawing sketches to keep it active here. These were drawn with wax crayon on 12 x 18″ newsprint. I should have a new update coming on the ink drawing in a couple days.



Drawing Update 4: Woman with Folded Legs

September 17, 2015


I’m starting to get the sofa drawn in with its base values, and added a small pillow on the right to give the composition a stop on that side. It will have a darker gradient tone from right to left, and be darker on the bottom… eventually. I had to give my sore wrist a rest yesterday.


Drawing Update 3: Woman with Folded Legs

September 14, 2015


The figure is now all drawn in. That was the hard part. The rest is just a matter of drawing the large gradient values of the couch and wall.


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