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New Sketches: Applying Eye Makeup

July 7, 2019

I sat in a local cafe yesterday watching this young woman applying makeup to her eyes. She had an interesting technique for the mascara, that I imagine isn’t unique, but one I’d never seen before. She held the brush steady, and blinked her lashes across it.


New Drawing: Monique’s Feet

June 27, 2019
drawing of woman holding her knees

Past time to show a new drawing. Here’s the latest of my friend, Monique. She said she was always teased about her big feet, but I think they’re awesome.


New Drawing: Checking His Playlist

May 28, 2019

I was waiting for a friend in Austin, near campus, and spotted this guy across the street. The picture on the left is an example of how I quickly lay out the drawing space to correctly grid the placement of features of the figure I’m going to be drawing. I don’t actually use grid lines, just dots where the lines intersect, but I’m showing a grid here for clarity.

I figure out an alignment of grid boxes based on the overall shape of the figure. Here it’s a simple verticle group of 8 squares, which is usually plenty. I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting the halfway point between extremes when looking at the model, but on small measures I can use my pencil held out in front of me. That grid drawing with the figure took me about 30 seconds or so. It’s on 8.5 x 11″ paper. I then used that to scale it up to a larger sheet on the right that’s 11 x 17″.

The guy was a good (unaware) model, only moving once with his head and right arm, but they all went back into position long enough for me to roughly block out the darkest shapes, and get a feel for the folds in his clothing. After about a minute or two it doesn’t matter if he moves. I finished most of the shading later at home.


Self Portrait Wearing a Striped Shirt

May 15, 2019
pencil drawing of a male figure

One thing about drawing your reflection is you appear to be using your left-hand when your right-handed. This is about 11 x 13″, and was drawn with a Wolff brand carbon pencil.


New Sketch: Reading a First Draft

May 13, 2019
pencil sketch of woman reading to man at table

I’ve been in something of a slump with sketching lately, not finding anything to spark my interest, until this scene happened in front of me yesterday while sitting in a local cafe. I’m not sure what she was reading, but the man seemed very attentive. I first made a quick thumbnail outline of the figures, then tried to recreate it on a larger sheet of paper when I got home.


New Drawing: Sofie Thinking

April 28, 2019
drawing of a woman

This is a pencil drawing of my friend, Sofie, that’s about 11 x 13″.


Two New Sketches

March 31, 2019

I’m still trying to get something solid worked out for that library mural proposal, but haven’t quite nailed it down yet. Have a couple ideas, one is more about technique, the other about content, so I’ll see if I can’t bring them together somehow. I have until the end of the week.

In the meantime, here are a couple sketches I made recently as I went out to get more motivation and inspiration on ideas. For the man, I was concentrating on lines, and for the woman I wanted to show more shapes.