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Drawing Reworked: Allan Reading

November 30, 2016


I decided to try and improve the look of this drawing. I wasn’t happy with the “fuzzy” quality the rough paper texture was giving me in some areas, such as the drawers in the corner. I took a paper blender, and rubbed the graphite into the paper more to get a smoother look. You can see the difference on the right in this cropped section above. It’s still a little spotty, but it’s an improvement. I’ll finish this section, and then decide if I want to continue it on the other darker areas of the drawing.


Drawing Final: Allan Reading

November 28, 2016

I’ll call this one mostly finished. I need to smooth it out a little more. The darker areas of graphite just get pushed around without building up properly, so I’m going to try a spray of fixative to hold it in place.


I wouldn’t call this Wallis paper a favorite, at least not for this pencil drawing. Its rough texture makes the shaded areas look like felt, but it was an interesting exercise.


Drawing Update 1: Allan Reading

November 23, 2016

Just a little further along on the drawing, touching up the figure some and working on the background. I was originally going to crop the page at the edge of the chair, but decided to extend the background some and add the drapes and cabinet.


Getting a light value on this textured paper is difficult. Just dragging the tip by its weight alone makes a darker mark than I’d like, so I have to go back over it with a kneaded eraser to lighten it. That makes it more tedious, but I’ll stick with it. Always like a challenge.


New Drawing Started: Allan Reading

November 21, 2016

This started out to be just a sketch, but I decided to keep working on it. It has much further to go. It’s my new friend, Allan, posing for me as he reads a magazine and eats an apple.


I’m using a sheet of Wallis textured paper. The rough surface makes even a hard pencil lead as dark as a soft one, so I’m using mechanical pencils with a regular lead and a fine point, and a kneaded eraser to lighten some areas. This area in the picture above is about 12 inches square.


New Sketches: Benjamin on Violin

November 15, 2016

Made these two yesterday while visiting with some friends. Their son, Benjamin, was kind enough to let me sketch him as he practiced playing his violin on the front porch.




New Sketches: Sidewalk Repair

November 9, 2016

There was a group of guys repairing the sidewalk across the street yesterday, and I managed to get in a few sketches before it started raining.





News Sketches At the Park

November 5, 2016

Here are a few sketches I made at the park yesterday. On a couple of them I tried an exercise of not using any shading, just outlines. It kind of worked.