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My Painting on Exhibit in Round Rock, TX

June 26, 2018

This recent painting of mine has been entered into an art show here in Round Rock, TX. The show is called “The Big Show” for art that is 2 foot square or larger. It will be held at the Texas State campus. I understand the art is already on the walls, but the opening event will be this Friday the 29th from 6-8PM. The show closes August 10th. Come by and see!


Assembling a Pre-Cut Frame for Painting

May 31, 2018

I recently received some pre-cut frames that I ordered online from Framing4Yourself. This is one painting I’m getting ready to enter into a show next month. Here I’ve just placed the pieces together to see how it will look when I glue them later. I was first thinking I would paint it white, but kind of like the raw wood, so I may just give it a shellac finish. We’ll see.

These frames came with plastic pegs that make the assembly very easy. Sometimes the pegs are “L” shaped, but these have an “H” shape that fit into two slots cut into the mitered corner. You first add a drop of glue to one edge, place the corners together, and press the pegs in flush to the back.


Improving My Watercolor Strainer Frame

April 11, 2018

The thumbtacks I used in my simple frame for the last painting worked okay, but I wanted to go back to the sturdier method of using binder clips as in my larger frame. I decided to just glue some wood strips to the sides of the frame.

This shows the back of the assembled strainer. I cut 4 thin strips of scrap chipboard to 1.5 inches wide, and glued them to the sides of the frame with contact cement. Now I can use the binder clips to hold the wet paper tight. Ready for another painting.


Painting Final: Over Her Shoulder

April 6, 2018

Okay, I’m calling her mostly done. I’ll likely go back over it later with some touch-ups after I let her sit for awhile.


Painting Update: Over Her Shoulder

April 3, 2018

Got all the holiday business out of the way, and sat back down at the easel to get this painting further along. I had to wrestle a bit with her hair, but I think it’s starting to look right. Her face will be the next area to work on.


New Painting Started: Over Her Shoulder

March 29, 2018

Okay, I finally got around to working up a new painting on that stretched paper I showed in my previous post. This will be taken from an old life drawing sketch I made a few years back.

I first sketched out the outline on the paper with a conte crayon, then used a wash of thin yellow ochre casein. I darkened that up by adding a little cadmium red. This cardstock paper is too thin for anything substantial. The water is really breaking it up, but not too badly to use for sketching. The paint layers from here on will have to be less wet.


Stretching Light Weight Watercolor Paper

March 22, 2018

Not too long ago I picked up a package of light weight cardstock paper. It’s sold by Neenah, and I got it at a local Office Depot, $12 for 50 sheets. It works well for drawing, but I thought I’d see how well I could wrap it to a wood frame to use for watercolor, or actually water-based casein paint, and do some sketching on it.

Since it was 11×17″, I used a small 9×12″ wood stretcher instead of my custom built frame. A large plastic storage bin worked well for soaking the paper instead of the bathtub to use less water. It’s only 80-lb. paper, so small pieces tore off fairly easily as I pulled it around the frame. There are no tears on the front, so no problem there. I used thumbtacks to hold the paper in place as it dried, and will leave them there as I paint on the front. It dried as tight as a drum, so this should work fine.