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New Painting: Able’s Cafe

August 11, 2019

I’m back! Did you miss me? I had to go back and touch up a few things at my temp job, and then later some personal things started to catch fire. However, things have calmed down a bit, so I grabbed some oils paints and started this one before something new interfered.

truck passing by on a farm road

This comes from a picture I snapped with my phone coming out of a truck stop cafe I stopped at for breakfast to get to that job. The sun was coming up bright over the trees in a way I wanted to save for later.

I’m using a sort of burnt sienna mixed with chrome oxide green oils that have be thinned with diluted casein medium. This color is a neutral complement of the red violet over all color I intend for this painting to have, but really serves more for values at this point. I have the photo showing in my small digital monitor as a reference. This was all just roughly sketched in with paint.


Painting Final: Portrait of Janie

April 20, 2019

Finished on this except for some clean up. I noticed her mouth looked a little small, so I changed that, mostly on the left side.


Painting Update: Portrait of Janie

April 17, 2019
painting of a young woman's face

Here’s an update on the new painting from this morning. I usually wait and work on the face of a portrait after I get everything else done, but decided this time to go ahead with the main attraction. It will need more work, but she’s mostly there. I think I’ve made her look younger again like the sketch, but I doubt she’ll mind.


New Painting: Portrait of Janie

April 15, 2019

I’ve been away for several days working as a temp to get a little extra spending money, and anxious to get back to some fun work making art. Another perk of the job was meeting a new friend, Janie, who was kind enough to sit for a pencil sketch.

The sketch wasn’t quite accurate in the eyes and a few other areas, but I think I got it nailed in the painting. This is intended as a undertone for a finished painting, but as often happens this stage looks good enough to stop right here. I think I will press on anyway, but will pause to figure out where I want it to go forward. It’s in gouache paint on 9 x 12″ watercolor paper.


Inspirational Mural Artists

March 10, 2019

An opportunity has risen recently for me to make a proposal for a mural project at a local library. I have about one month to work up a concept. To get some motivation, I have spent time online looking at pictures of favorite artists who have done this sort of work, such as John Singer Sargent, Frank Brangwyn, Dean Cornwell, and Maxfield Parrish. I found it interesting how they adapted their styles somewhat to this new format. Here are a few examples of their work I found that I would like to share.


Painting Final: Jerry Reading

October 23, 2018

It’s not 100% finished, but far enough to let it sit for awhile, then do some cleaning up. That right hand in the corner could use a little more work, I think.


Painting Update 2: Jerry Reading

October 12, 2018
gouache painted figure in progress

Made a little more progress on the new painting. I’ve worked more on his head, arms and shirt. I wasn’t sure how well the white paint would cover on this grey surface, but it did okay.