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Carla’s Comforter Painting Update 6

March 28, 2012

Again, only a little bit more to show. I’ve painted the white areas beneath her arm and head.

Sometimes I think I envy those artists who can just slap paint around in one sitting and call it done. Must be nice. (Not really.)


Carla’s Comforter Painting Update 5

March 25, 2012

Okay, so I’m not quite as far along as I had hoped, but I like how it’s coming along so far.

The comforter looks a little too dingy, however. I’ll have to go back later and pump up the color and brightness a bit more.


Carla’s Comforter Painting Update 4

March 23, 2012

I have a little more to show on the new painting. Worked on the blankets on the left side and also darkened the bottom left chair and table, and have finally started working on her figure, getting her legs and hand done.

I hope to get enough time this weekend to finish this up.


Carla’s Comforter Painting Update 3

March 15, 2012

Only a small bit of mileage to show on the painting. The yellow of the comforter has been laid down, and I started a wallpaper design on the back wall that will need more work but I’ll leave that alone for now. The oily transparent yellow is working well over the orange undertone, I think.

I’ll be busy with some more family affairs this weekend so there won’t be any progress on this to show for awhile. That will give this paint layer time to dry and be easier to work around.


Carla’s Comforter Painting Update 2

March 12, 2012

I’m gradually figuring out of this new process of painting. I keep wanting to take things a step further than I should at this stage. Instead of just laying down flat areas of color I keep trying to do more modeling.

So anyway, I have everything covered at this point, ready to move on to the final stage of shading. That will be done with an oilier layer of paint.


Carla’s Comforter Painting Update 1

March 8, 2012

Not very much new here due to more business interuptions, but I did want to show that I’m trying out a slight modification to my regular painting process. In this image I’ve painted in the orange comforter and part of the back wall.

How I typically proceed after laying down the undertone is to bring selected areas up to or near compeletion, but this time I’m placing a flat base color in each area. I’ll then come back in another pass with an oilier layer to add more modeling and finishing touches. It’s not necessarily a better method, just different. It does allow me to see the intermediate stage of the whole painting at once, bringing it all up gradually instead of section by section. It also lets me feel like I’m making more progress between all these interuptions.


New Painting Started: Carla’s Comforter

March 4, 2012

I posted a drawing of mine a few days back that I decided to make into a painting. You can see the drawing in the top right corner of the first image above. The painting surface is a 18×24″ sheet of hardboard coated with a shellac primer over which I lightly sketched the scene in charcoal.

I made a digital sketch to decide on the color scheme and composition. Since most of this was in warm tones, I made an intial undertone in blues using shellac ink. The last step was to tone this saturated color down to a more neutral gray with a thin layer of oil paint, which will also help the next layers of paint adhere better.