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New Painting Started: Allan On a Stool

September 30, 2016

Here’s a combination of materials that I’ve made in recent posts. This is based on one of the drawings of my friend, Allan, that I showed in the previous post. The background undertone is painted with a mixed warm grey gouache that I had just made and tubed, and I’m using the stretched paper I made a few days ago (20 x 16″).


I haven’t quite settled on what to do with the background yet, so I may play around with this image digitally to help me decide.


Figure Drawings of Allan

September 26, 2016

Met a new model a few days ago by the name of Allan, and here are a couple drawings I made of him.



These were made with wax crayon on 24 x 18″ newsprint paper.


Making Gouache Paint: Light Brown

September 23, 2016


I’m making more gouache paint. This is a tube of “light brown” I mixed up last night. It’s made of mostly raw sienna, but has a pale grey cast to it. I like to use it for skin tones. Still have to make some cerulean blue, and a mid-tone grey.


I like these empty tubes I get from Creative Mark (c/o Artarama.) No cap problems, or leaking from the tubes, and the caps have a little indentation at the top that works well for painting a color swatch to identify the paint inside. This tube is 22ml.


New Sketches: At the Train Stop

September 16, 2016

I pulled a magazine off my bookshelf today, and these drawings slid out. I’d forgotten about them, having stuffed them in there while out on an excursion into Austin a few months ago. I drew them while taking my first MetroRail train ride into town. These are all in pencil on copier paper, 8.5 x 11″.





Homemade Table Easel version 3

September 12, 2016

Being between projects I decided I would take the time to make modifications to my last table top easel design.


The vertical arms are a little taller, and I added a sliding rail at the bottom so they can move forward slightly. There’s a front lip at the bottom that can slide forward about 3 inches to adjust the angle of the artwork from near vertical to about 30 degrees. Something new is a center brace that I can use for small pieces to sit higher up, and support taller artwork. The bottom is about 14 inches square, and the center brace goes up about 20 inches.


Live Oak Art Exhibition Opening Event

September 11, 2016

Here are a couple photos of my art at the Live Oak Art Center during last night’s opening. The show will be up until Oct.22nd, so drop by if you get a chance.




Lip Balm Tube Holder for Oil Pastels

September 9, 2016


Okay, here’s my latest experiment. I was online looking for some more gum arabic powder to make some gouache, and I found a new supplier to try out, Mountain Rose Herbs, who had a good price. While on their site, I saw they had various containers too, including empty lip balm tubes. (People make their own lip balm? Okay.)

As some of you who have been following my blog may know, I make my own oil pastels. Seeing these empty lip balm tubes you can probably see where my idea went, so I bought a few to try out as oil pastel holders. The order came in the mail yesterday.


The first thing was to melt the block of charcoal pastel I had made into a liquid using a coffee cup warmer and a muffin tin. I thought I might want to make the pastel a bit harder, so I shaved off a bit of encaustic wax too. I found a piece of plastic from some packaging that made a better funnel by using a snipped off corner, and poured the wax into the tube.


So, how well does it work? Not bad. It poured in fairly easy, but the wax hardens quickly, and this left some air gaps in the tube. I need to find a better tool to push it down and fill it with more wax. The tube is small (1/2 x 1″), but they’re cheap (.30 each) so I can make several at once. The cooled wax will easily push up, but not back down by turning the dial at the bottom. It does make a nice holder, and is not messy to use.