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Manipulating Photos for a New Painting

December 28, 2015

I’m developing an idea for a new painting based on photos I took many years ago. It’s a composite of a couple different shots made at a lake in North Texas.

What I’ve done is manipulated the photo into a limited range of colors as a reference for the preliminary undertone values of the painting. The overall colors of the end result will be a warm range of reds and oranges, so I’m using a complementary shade of neutral blue to start with. (Note: I don’t want to show you the original photo at this point, so as to not give away too much of what the final painting will look like. It might spoil the surprise – for both of us.)


Using Photoshop, I converted the RGB image of the original photo composite to Index mode in order to reduce the number of colors down to eight. I grouped the darkest values together and saved that as a separate file.


I’ll start the painting with a broad thin wash of light blue over the whole surface, and then add the dark shapes shown above, finishing up with 2 or 3 values of a middle tone. All the paint colors at this point will be light in value and thin washes.

I’m planning this to be another gouache painting, and I’ll show how this process works on paper in the next post. Let’s see how it turns out, shall we?


Visited By a Red-Tailed Hawk

January 19, 2013


This morning I happened to notice a visitor in my backyard, a red-tailed hawk. I was alerted to it by the squawking of a blue jay bird in the same tree, darting among the branches, none too happy with its presence. I managed to snap this photo from about 20ft away before he became annoyed and flew off.


Photos From Opening of Landscape Exhibit

March 2, 2012

I snapped a few photos from last night’s opening of the Landscape exhibit to share with you. A good crowd of friendly art lovers can’t be beat.

My photo and painting were given a good prominent spot in the center of the room. The show will be up for the rest of the month, so stop by if you’re in the Central Texas area.


Artspace Landscape Exhibit

February 28, 2012

More good news: I’ve had a couple works accepted into a local art exhibit at ARTSPACE gallery in Round Rock, TX. It’s a landscape theme so I submitted a recent painting and photograph, shown above.


The Ties That Bind

February 6, 2012

My humble appologies for again falling behind on regular (irregular) posts. A family crisis has arisen to require my full attention. I shall recover soon, I hope, and get back to things of art and creating.

In the meantime, please indulge me showing you frames from old family 8mm films taken by my father, circa 1959/1960.

I pray you to reach out to your own family and hold them close. Life is short but love is long.


Scanning Old Photo Negatives

December 24, 2011

I found a couple boxes of black and white negatives in one of my Mother’s cabinets. Some are photos that I’ve never seen before so I’ve been spending the last few days scanning them using the method I posted awhile back. These are from the early 1950s.


Found My Old Brownie Six-20 Camera

August 17, 2011

I’ve fallen way behind on finishing up the new paitning, I know. A family emergency kept me away for a few days. I’ll get back to it soon. However, I did find an old friend burried in my mother’s closet – my Brownie Target Six-20 camera. I wrote a post about this a few years ago, and thought I had lost it for good. It warmed my heart to see it again. Thanks for saving it for me, Mom!

As an added bonus I also found my dad’s compact Brownie Flash Six-20 with the fancy-smancy flash reflector. Together again.