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New Ink Drawing: “News Travels Fast”

February 6, 2020

This is drawn from a series of photos I shot walking around Austin a few years ago. I remember she was standing on a street corner while she looked at her phone, and was none to happy with whatever she saw.

This was also drawn with the Zebra fountain pen. It takes a little getting used to for it to work right, holding it at a near vertical angle, but I like the marks and dark ink it uses.


New Ink Drawing: “Keeping It Clean”

February 4, 2020
car wash ink drawing

I sketched this one while out walking around the neighborhood, and stopped across the street from this car wash. This man’s car was very muddy, which was odd to see since it was a beautiful day out.

I’m using a fountain pen on this one, a Zebra brand. It draws well, but the point is quite stiff.


New Sketch: Benched

December 11, 2017

This is taken from an old photo of mine. The fellow looked very forlorn for awhile, but I remember he got up suddenly as though he had been thinking long and hard on something, and then rushed off. I hope that whatever it was it all worked out.


New Sketches: Dripping Springs and San Marcos

November 11, 2017

I was driving around the area of Dripping Springs, TX a few days ago with my friend, Mary. At one place we stopped to do some sketching. She was drawing some cattle across the road, and I was sketching her. Later, she had to run some errands in the nearby town of San Marcos, so I drew up a street corner while I waited for her outside. All in all, a productive and enjoyable day.


Drawing Final: Charlie Fishing

July 9, 2017

Here’s the final version, at least for now. The size is about 10 x 16.5″. I was debating whether to shade in the concrete pier. I decided not to since I didn’t want that “X” shape it would create in the center. I’ll let it sit for awhile, and see if it needs any touching up.


Drawing Update: Charlie Fishing

July 6, 2017

I’ve got the far shoreline placed, and have begun drawing in the water. It’s looking a little tilted on the right side, but I’ll straighten it out later.


New Drawing Started: Charlie Fishing

June 30, 2017

Here’s the beginning of a new drawing I started a couple days ago. My friend Charlie posed for me while he got a little fishing done.

I’m using a Uniball ink pen on 18 x 24″ paper (just showing the far right side.) I’ve just started on the background, and the water should be a challenge to get as smooth as I’d like it be look. I took photos of the creek so I could work on this later (now.)