New Sketches: At The Airport

March 17, 2017

The airport is a great place to sketch people, especially when there’s bad weather in the North East. You’ll find many stranded passengers stretched out across the lounge chairs trying to catch some shut-eye, making good models for drawing.



  1. Excellent sketches. Very clearly articulated yet relaxed. Out of all the media you use, can you point out one that is the most important to you? Are you more a person who draws or a person who paints? Or is there a difference? Thank you for this blog, I have learned heaps from you.

  2. I draw more frequently than I paint, because it’s a more immediate process, and I may have a slightly higher affinity to drawing than painting, but they both have their advantages. Using different paint mediums is a challenge, and I like that. Each medium or surface offers a different look, so it’s nice to have those options available to me to best match my goal for each piece.

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