Drawing Final: Angela with Shawl

June 27, 2016


Here’s the final state of the drawing. I just need to carefully scan over it to make a few touch ups.




  1. Beautiful, David, and the texture is especially suited for the hair.

  2. I am very interested in your homemade oil pastels. I had read that possibly carnuba wax but I will try both ways. I did make the colorless blender which is very good for rejuvenating old dried out Grumbachers. I smeared the sticks on your wax block, wiped them down and put them in a sealed jar. Now they are smoother and softer but I haven’t used much yet. I might have to put more on as I doubt the wax soaks in very far. The oil also makes a great blender, especially for crumby pastels. The crumbs blend in easily with the extra wax. Nice!

    I made Conte Crayons which are very good. I used a trace of mineral oil but I think I will try glycerin next.

    What is the shellac primer you mentioned, if you don’t mind me asking. I know shellac is used with Conte Crayons but the alcohol would argue against using it as a fixative. But it would make a good primer.

    Very Interesting Blog and your art is very fine!

    • Carnauba wax is firmer than beeswax, but not as flexible. I’ve also never seen a white bleached carnauba variety, so it would be darker.
      The shellac primer I use is my own make, bleached dewaxed shellac mixed with titanium white pigment. There’s a commercial brand from Zinsser you could try, but I’m skeptical of it’s ingredients.

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