New Sketches: At the Park & Cafe

May 23, 2016

Here are a couple recent pencil sketches I made over the weekend wandering around Austin: some old folks on a park bench, and later watching people on their phones at a cafe.



  1. David, that park bench drawing is one of the most interesting compositions I’ve ever seen! Look at it – the dynamic in the group is perfect – the kind we usually see in an Old Master drawing or painting – A happy find!

    • Thank you, Alberto. That’s good of you to say.
      Full disclosure: the fellow on the right was sitting at a different bench, so I just combined them. I liked the whole mass of figures that it made.
      I typically find it’s easier to draw things like furniture first, and then place the figures in them, rather than start with the figures. It helps with measurements, perspective, and proportions.

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