Drawing Updated: Rick on Guitar

April 26, 2016

I decided to put a little more ink on my last drawing, and here’s the final version. He’s playing those cement factory blues.


I used the Uni-ball Signo pen for most of it, but I went over the darker areas with a ZIG Millennium marker to get a deeper black. The paper is 12 x 16 inches.



  1. More nice work, David, thanks for posting it. : )

    I wonder if you’d be interested to try the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen? I’ve looked on your website but didn’t find a reference to it. It’s a fountain pen with the finest nib available, besides dipping nibs (I’ve tried a few). It’s outstanding for drawing (though I personally have only doodled with it). The pen comes with the same brand of black ink, in cartridges, but a converter is also available for it, which I prefer.

    As far as I’m aware, Platinum Carbon Black ink is still the only fountain pen ink that is waterproof enough to paint over with watercolour, without smudging. And it’s completely lightfast, being carbon black. It won’t generally clog fountain pen nibs, because it has nano sized particles. I prefer Sailor Kiwa Guro Black, another nano carbon ink, because it doesn’t bleed through thin papers, like the Platinum ink does (on watercolour papers, Platinum ink won’t bleed). However, Sailor’s ink is not completely smudge proof, so I’d only recommend it for drawing or writing, when you aren’t going to brush watercolour over it.

    This lady, among others, has done some very nice work with the Platinum ink, though in this particular review, she uses it in a Noodler’s pen:


    There are many other artists who’ve used the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen and you’ll easily find references on Google. People have also cut it down to fit into sketch boxes. I think you’d love it. In my experience, the finesse of its lines is unequalled.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Alberto. I’m intrigued.

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