Drawing Update: Portrait of Alice

April 3, 2016

Here is a closeup of the new drawing showing the area around the face that I’m currently working on. I wanted to show how I drew down the lines to get to this point.


In this picture above I made a “before-and-after” to show how I’m filling in the background area. You’ll notice that the lines are curved, and that I’m not too particular about keeping them clean and straight. Since the whole area is going to get covered in ink, I don’t need to worry about carefully drawing each line; although, there are some lines going in certain directions that I want to make slightly thicker and more pronounced so that it’s all not just an even gradient tone. The lines are also curved to give it a more organic look. After filling a row of lines, I go back and grow out the dark area with short strokes, making those little white dots smaller, and smoothing out the tone. It helps to occasionally step back a few feet from the drawing to see where I need to add more lines.


Before I got to this state on the upper cheek, I was hesitant about how to proceed. I had stippled in an area of small dots to give a light value to this section, but wasn’t completely happy with how it looked. I decided it needed to have lines drawn across it to get the texture that I wanted, but wasn’t sure in what direction to draw them, whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. So, I took a photo of the drawing at that point, and loaded it into the digital program, Painter, to test it out, and then settled on a horizontal direction.


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