Undertone on New Painting: Lake Winnsboro

January 3, 2016

I’ve gotten the blue undertone done on the new painting I started. The surface is a sheet of illustration board, and my working area is 18 x 24 inches.


In this first picture you can see the setup, using my handmade table top easel and digital picture viewer. I used my Molotow marker filled with diluted Higgins Black Magic ink to loosely sketch in the darkest areas. The digital picture I had made (seen in the previous post) was on the screen to use as a guide.

In the bottom corner you can see some tests I made using Dr. Martins Teal Blue ink. I thought I might have to use some thin Acrylic White “Gouache” paint to tone it down, but decided later that it wasn’t necessary.


In this picture I’ve placed the blue ink wash down. First I went over the black ink areas, then made another pass with a larger brush. I’m ready to start painting now.


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