Testing Out a New Website Provider – Weebly

October 31, 2015

I’ve temporarily set aside the painting for a few days as I investigate switching my website, dbclemons.com, to a new service provider. I wanted to improve the design of that site, and look for a provider that offered similar or better features for a better price. I think I may have found that with Weebly.


They offer a free website option with an interactive builder set of widgets. The layout and application of them is simple to manage. The features on the free version are very basic, but should offer all I need for the site. Other similar companies charge for many of those features. The paid membership at Weebly is @ $5 per month, which is about what my current provider charges me for fewer features, if I decide to upgrade to that.

One of the features Weebly offers is a blog page, which I thought I could use to archive the few demonstration pages I have on my Articles page of my website. The picture viewer is also nice. You can add a “store” page to sell through Paypal. The free version offers unlimited space, but restricts the file sizes to less than 10MB each. That would only be a problem for videos, but I could embed Youtube links for that.

I’ll continue testing it out, but keep my existing site active for awhile, and then decide if I want to transfer that over. Take a look at this site I’ve made, if you like, and leave me feedback.


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