New Drawing Started: Woman with Folded Legs

September 7, 2015


I’m ready for the new drawing now that I’ve found a better surface for what I have planned. This is from the same sketch I had shown a couple posts back that I’ve transferred over lightly with charcoal. It’s on a full sheet of Strathmore illustration board that I’ve covered with two coats of a shellac primer. This will allow me to mark with ink, and easily scrape away lines as necessary. I had originally thought to work on a slightly grey tone, but decided to just leave it white.


The pen I’ll be using is a Uni-ball “Signo” Gel Grip pen. This is similar to their Gelstick I’ve used before, but this has a replaceable cartridge. One nice feature with ball point pens such as this is you can get a rough or broken line, even on smooth surfaces. The example above was made on plain copy paper. You hold the pen at an angle so that it just lays on the surface without any pressure. I’ll use this technique to lightly redraw the lines, and then erase the charcoal. Uni-ball (Stanford) makes a range of pen styles that use this same ink.


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