New Molotow Marker Filled with India Ink

July 30, 2015

I bought a bunch of empty Molotow markers a few days ago, and wanted to try out one using India Ink. I had made a post awhile back filling one with acrylic paint.


The first thing I noticed is that they redesigned the pump valve cap, making it easier to add your ink or paint. The valve doesn’t have to be pried off with a sharp knife any more. It just pulls out by hand. The spring is also contained in the valve, and won’t accidentally fly off. Much better.


The ink I’m using is Higgins Black Magic India Ink. I dropped about a teaspoon into a one ounce plastic jar, and filled it up with water until I got the medium gray value that I wanted. I used a syringe to load the marker body with the ink, and reassembled the marker.


It marks really well. I can carry this around with me for sketching now. I barely used any of the ink I mixed up, so that should last for quite awhile. I have six other markers that I can fill with undiluted ink, different types of ink, or thinned paints.



  1. Did you ever try these out with undiluted india ink? If so, how was the result?

    • I did initially try them with undiluted ink, and they worked fine, but that really wasn’t how I wanted to use them. If I did, I would probably take the time to empty them and wash out the tip at the end of the day, just to make sure the tip didn’t harden, even with the cap on. Unless I was traveling outside with it, I would just use a regular brush with undiluted ink. It would be less fuss.

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