New Drawing Transferred to Illustration Board

June 24, 2015

Well, I decided to make it a painting. I may also do a drawing of it later, perhaps in ink, but this will be an acrylic painting. I chose acrylic only because I haven’t painted with them in awhile, and the tubes are getting dusty.


To transfer the sketch to the illustration board, I taped the left side of it to the board, and flipped it back and forth, drawing lines to match the sketch. This is similar to how animators do in-betweens. I like to use this method when I can instead of using transfer paper or rubbing charcoal on the back, since it’s faster and less messy.


I’m drawing with a 5H lead very lightly, and slightly erasing the lines with a kneaded eraser, so it may be hard for you to see the drawing here, but that’s the intention. I only want faint lines at this point.

The board, by the way, was prepared with acrylic polymer ground (aka “acrylic gesso.”) I wanted to reduce the absorbency of the paper and get it a little brighter. I thinned it down some and added a little bit of Golden’s GAC 200 medium to the mixture to stiffen up the board a bit. I didn’t measure it out precisely, but there’s approximately 1/3 water to gesso, and about a 1/3 medium to water by volume. I applied two coats on the front and one on the back. It’s a Strathmore 500 Series Illustration Board.


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