Homemade Charcoal Oil Pastel

May 6, 2015

Following up on my last post, I’ve made another oil and wax pastel, but this time I added charcoal powder. Now I can combine this with a pencil drawing without having to add charcoal in a separate step.

oilpastel_charcoal1 oilpastel_charcoal2

That pile of charcoal powder is about 2 ounces. I melted some beeswax and added mineral oil as in my previous post, and mixed it in with the charcoal until I had a firm paste.

oilpastel_charcoal3 oilpastel_charcoal4
I then pressed the mixture into a square mold I made out of aluminum foil. After it cooled, I removed it from the foil, and drew a test area on some drawing paper. I could easily smear the charcoal with a rubber-tipped colour shaper tool; although, not very far, or scratch through it with a penknife.



  1. so interesting, making your own art materials!

    • It makes sense when it’s more economical and not difficult. That includes supports and framing as well.

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