Painting Update: Lake Salvador

September 16, 2014

I managed to get to the painting I had started a few days ago. Yesterday I pulled out a full sheet of illustration board to use as my painting surface, and then prepared to tone the white down with a wash of gouache.


Seeing that I didn’t have enough yellow paint on hand, I mixed up some of my own from some pigment I had, PY 159 (Zirconium Yellow.) I added that to a few drops of of Turner’s Red Violet to give me a sort of yellow ochre tone.

salvadorlake3 salvadorlake4

I printed out my photo to scale (18×24″,) and taped the sheets together in order to transfer the image to the surface. I rubbed some charcoal on the back, and drew the outlines that I needed for reference.


I will be painting the shapes with a slightly darker shade, and start to set the values in the next phase of the painting.


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