Concept Sketch: Lake Salvador

September 6, 2014

I dug up some old black and white photos that I’ve combined into an idea for a new painting that I want to play around with. The location of the photos is Lake Salvador just a few miles south of New Orleans. I took these photos many years ago all in black and white.


First I picked out two photos that I thought would combine well together. There was a shrimp boat in the foreground, and a dock and the lake in the other picture. I made this pencil sketch of the way I’d like to combine them, and then used Photoshop to put them together. Originally I was planning on placing a person sitting at the end of the dock, but I didn’t like that empty space in the center, so I hunted down this guy in the boat that was in a third photo. He was kind of tiny and off scale, so I had to resize him to fit.


Next I’ll do some color sketches to get an idea for the tones I want. I’m remembering this was all shot in a nice warm glow of morning, so I’ll target that.


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