Using Molotow Markers with High Flow Paint

December 16, 2013

I found an art store in Austin, Asel Art Supply, that had empty Molotow markers in stock, so I got one to test with the High Flow paint I bought a few days ago. Here’s how you fill the marker:


1. The photo above shows their 311EM “One4All” model disassembled. It consists of a plastic snap-on cap to keep the paint from drying out, a screw-on cap with a replaceable felt nib tip, a spring-loaded cap, and the empty marker tube that holds paint.


2. This picture shows the tube being loaded with paint. It holds about 15ml.


3. Next you replace the spring cap that snaps back in place.


4. Screw the felt tip cap back on.


5. Press down on the marker until the paint fills the tip. This takes a few seconds with a new dry tip.


6. Start painting! This acrylic paint takes only a few seconds to dry. It’s raw umber which is a fast drying pigment, so other pigments will dry a little more slowly. Inside the tube are two small plastic balls that you can shake to keep the paint properly mixed.

After I brought this home, I found out that Molotow makes a special adapter called an “extension” that allows you to refill the marker more quickly and with less mess. It screws onto the tube, and the spring cap and tip attach to its other end, so to refill the tube you only have to unscrew it without taking everything else apart.

This tip is a chisel shape about 8mm wide. There’s another round tip available for this size marker that’s 5mm. They sell other size markers from 1 to 20mm.

You’ll need one marker for each color you use, but the tube parts and tip can be washed. I’d recommend washing the tip at the end of the day.

This marker cost me about $5 USD. I’ve seen online prices at about $3 each. I’ve also seen a “kit” set that includes 2 markers, 3 extensions, and several nibs for $17. The nib tips come in packages of 2 for @ $3. It should be possible to shape the tips with a knife, so I’ll have to pick up a couple extra to try that out.



  1. Can you leave paint in the tube? Or do you have to wash it out after every session?



    • You can keep paint in the marker. The paint stays fresh as long as you put the cap back on securely. I would recommend washing the tip after each session, however.

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