New Drawing: Insurance Office

August 1, 2013


Here’s a new sketch made while sitting at a local insurance office. I quickly sketched one of the agents across the room while waiting for my appointment, and then later finished it up a bit more. It’s 8.5 x 11″ drawn with a Micron marker.



  1. Looking for Phil May drawings and came across your site. Just added to my blog roll. I am a fan of great pen and ink artists and really enjoy your site.

    • Thanks, Chris, and welcome!

  2. Dear David, I realise this post is a year old but hope you still get to see my comments and reply if possible. What wonderful sketches you have done. This one is striking for some reason. How do you manage to capture the essense and details of the poses sketching in public? I have been trying to sketch people in the streets or cafes and find that people change their position within a very short span of time and often it is very difficult to capture the poses correctly while sketching. I assume that through frequent practice and observation I will get closer. What is your approach and thoughts on this? Thanks David, keep up the great work,

    • Hello, Robin. I’m glad you have enjoyed my sketches. It’s good to hear that you are working hard to improve your drawing skills.
      When I sketch outside, I treat them like notes that will become a more detailed drawing later when I can devote more time to them. I only draw what’s important, with just enough information to use later on. They look like little more than quick outlines, most of the time; usually no more than a 2 or 3 inches square.
      For this drawing above, I quickly drew the shape of his head and hands, and outlines for the shadows. This took only a few seconds. The most interesting thing about him was the way his left hand pulled at his cheek, so I made a point to capture that. Once I’d finished taking these notes, I didn’t have to look at him any more. After doing these for awhile, you’ll get a feel for what parts of the body your model is likely to move, so draw those things first. I also prefer to draw economically using outlines, so that I don’t waste time. Don’t worry about how good it looks. They’re just notes.
      If there’s a school or class near you that offers life drawing sessions, these are good places to practice. I often like to draw the other artists as they draw instead of the model.

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