New Drawing: Miguel Seated

May 26, 2013

I’ve begun a new drawing of a friend of mine, Miguel. Here’s what I’ve gotten drawn so far. It’s on 8.5 x 11 inch rag paper, made with a UniBall Gelstick pen.


I’ve been asked why I bother to draw all the dark area with a pen and not just back it out later with a larger brush. While that would be quicker, I’m not interested in speed. If you click on the detail image below, there are areas within the dark of the hair where it will get one step darker as I press the pen into the paper. There remains little specs of white within the dark areas, too, that the pen leaves behind that helps add texture and linear direction to the shapes that a brush would not be able to make. I also want to keep all the lines consistent. In case you were wondering…




  1. He looks too sad!

    • We can’t be happy all the time. Then we wouldn’t know the pleasure of being happy.

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