The Bicentennial Paintings of John Falter

May 5, 2013

Back in the late 1970’s I used to by many of my art books from a mail-order place called North Light. They also printed out a small pamphlet magazine that they mailed to their customers on art related issues, and in their March 1978 magazine there was an article on a series of paintings by the great illustrator, John Falter.

falter-john1_3M74 falter-john2_3M74

Falter was a well known illustrator through much of the 20th Century. In 1974 he was commissioned to do a series of six paintings for the American Bicentennial of 1976 by the 3M Company entitled ” From Sea to Shining Sea.” Each is painted in oil at the same size of 50″ x 36″. Please click the images to see a larger version of the file.

falter-john3_3M74 falter-john4_3M74
falter-john5_3M74 falter-john6_3M74


  1. how do i order a print of there 6 great paintings?

  2. I’m afraid I can’t help you on that one, tommy. You might try searching 3M’s website to see if they still offer them, or they might be available at some poster site.

  3. Just read the request for the “Sea To Shining Sea” set of 6 prints. We have all but the one depicted with oxen (driven by woman) We are considering selling them, having several of the other 5

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