New Painting Started: Cleaning His Spectacles

December 26, 2012

I’m finally getting back to doing some painting again. I thought this would be a good time to play around on that Permastone title I made recently. This is a gouache painting, and the tile is about 5.5 x 8.5 inches. This tile surface is working out very well, I think.


You can get an idea of the set up of my work area here. I’m using a digital photo frame stand to display the photograph I took of myself cleaning my eyeglasses. I’ve got a few tubes of the commercial gouache paints I’m using, as well as a jar of my own home-made raw sienna paint. On the left is a pencil line drawing on paper that I lightly transferred to the tile. Below is a detail of the part of the tile I’ve painted so far.


This is a method of painting I haven’t used in awhile. I dab only a few of the base colors I plan on using on my palette (in this case a small bowl,) and then do most of my mixing directly on the paint surface. I’m also not using any undertone on the surface beforehand. A possible drawback for me working this way is I tend to spend more time blending the tones, but it’s also more fun pushing the paint around. It’s a method well suited for gouache, in my opinion.



  1. I love reading about this set up method and about gouache paints. I must confess, I don’t know much about them or what commercial gouache paints are even.

    I also mixing my Golden fluids right on the surface without toning.

    • Thank you. You’re not alone, I’m sad to say, in being unfamiliar with gouache paints, even though it’s an old medium that has been used by great artists. Please take some time to check them out or do some online searches, and feel free to ask me questions if you wish. It’s a wonderful medium that can be simple or challenging, depending on what you want to achieve with it.

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