Drawing Final: Tanya’s Bamboo Curtain

August 23, 2012

At last I’ve managed to squeeze in enough time to finish the drawing; although, I may go back to alter the curtain some. I think it needs some brightening up, or add more highlights.

I’ve enjoyed working with this wax crayon medium on this project, and I learned quite a bit in the process about how to handle it more effectively, so I definetly want to return to it again.



  1. Hi David, I think this is another amazing feat! Once again, the strength of your drawing and general control shows through, with a medium that would easily create a mess in less capable hands. This is a beautiful (and sexy!) composition that actually benefits from the softness of the medium. Thanks for your posts 🙂

  2. Thanks, Alberto. Kind of you to say.
    The crayon doesn’t get the respect it should, despite being a tool that for most of us was our first introduction to mark-making. Sometimes you must think outside the Crayola box.

  3. Incredible, how you’ve created weight and mass in the figure. Really admire your drawing skills.

    • Thank you, Chris. Tanya was a great model. I miss her.

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