Drawing Process: Greeting a Weary Traveler

June 27, 2012

This post is a little backwards, but I thought I’d recreate the process for how last drawing was put together.

I first sketched out the drawing loosely in pencil making only large blocked-in shapes and measurements for where things were to be placed. I then refined the drawing with a blue colored pencil. This drawing is to size, 18×24″.

Next I photographed the drawing and used Photoshop on this file to create a careful line drawing over the sketch.

I then saved that line drawing into a separate file and printed it out in sections on letter sized pages that I later taped together into one large sheet. That was then taped to the back of the Artboard sheet, and placed on top of a light-table to begin inking.

The line drawing is very simple so as to not influence the shading I’ll be doing with the inking. I want to keep that more spontaneous; although, I did have the photograph in front of me as a reference. Those lines are used mainly as a guide to know where the edges will be and where to stop.



  1. Very insightful and interesting process David, thanks again 🙂

  2. Great to see the process that led up to that brilliant final image.

  3. Brilliant! And thanks for sharing the process. Great work, great image.

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