Color Value Chart

May 3, 2012

Several years ago (2002, I think) while reading through the Golden Paint website, I came across a page on the subject of neutral grays, and there was a chart that ranked several of their paints by value range, from white to black. Since this was an accurate reading by a spectrometer of specific pigments, I thought at the the time that it would make a good project to recreate this chart with the actual paints I owned to use as a reference. The image above was the result. I painted in a few extra colors that I collected later, including a few oils, but only managed to fill up about a third of it before I forgot all about it until digging it out yesterday.

I did learn a few things from the exercise, or at least demonstrate some things I had taken for granted. For example, I have a gouache version of PR122 (Quincradone Magenta) that is far brighter than the Golden acrylic which uses the same pigment (row 2, column 6.) I was also a bit skeptical of their spectrometer readings since the Phthalo Blue/RS doesn’t look to me like it should belong on the top row (row 1, column 7.) The only oils on this chart are two red oxides (PR101,) the viridian (PG18,) and pyrrole red (PR254.) ALl the others are Golden’s paint. Some of these have since been discontinued by Golden, like cobalt teal.


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