Carla’s Comforter Painting Update 2

March 12, 2012

I’m gradually figuring out of this new process of painting. I keep wanting to take things a step further than I should at this stage. Instead of just laying down flat areas of color I keep trying to do more modeling.

So anyway, I have everything covered at this point, ready to move on to the final stage of shading. That will be done with an oilier layer of paint.



  1. Dear David Clemons,
    I just visited your site and saw that you have been working on Fournier + Shakespeare. This is a great coincidence, since I worked on the connection last year, in connection with the statue (now gone) in Paris. I worked on it as a Shakespearean. How did you become involved with this? I would love to know.


    Ton Hoenselaars

    • I’m involved only as a fan of both artists. It’s rare to see a full figure pose of Shakespeare.

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