Imagine 2012 Exhibit

February 13, 2012

My recent painting, “Lunch at the Bright Cafe,” was accepted into the upcoming art show, Imagine 2012, here in Round Rock, TX. I needed some good news to get me out of this recent funk. This should charge me back up. If you’re going to be in the Austin area during the next few months (Feb.24 to May.18,) please drop in and check out the artwork.



  1. Congratulations!

  2. More good news: my painting “A Backyard Chat” will be shown at a separate location, the Williamson County Annex building, that is part of the same event.

  3. Hi David;

    That image is just great! I won’t be in the Texas area, but I want
    to congratulate you on the beautiful work.

    I’ve been in a wee funk lately too….too much winter, grey skies,
    rain, blah blah blah. But today was an unexpectedly sunny but
    cold day. Everyone here in Vancouver in a good mood.

    My local butcher bought me a chocolate chai tea for buying odds
    and ends at his store; that brightened up enough to splurge
    out on some $3 locally sourced tulips. Maybe I’ll actually paint them before they die.

    Meanwhile I’m plugging away on a reproduction of a Berthe
    Morisot painting. Trying something new…an acrylic underpainting
    then finishing the portrait portion (size of a $1 coin) with oils.

    Also loved your figurines. Thanks for sharing David.

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