My Trusted Drafting Table

November 26, 2011

Here’s another old friend pulled out of storage at my parent’s home, my old drafting table. It’s about 40 years old now, but has spent about the last half of that time buried under some blankets in their garage. It’s got a few battle scars, spill stains and dried spots of rubber cement still on the surface. Adds character.

That C-Clamp is handy for keeping bottles from tipping over with a scrap piece of wood pressed to the table. On the lightbox I’ve been testing out some ink patterns to use on a new drawing I’ll be starting soon. In the far corner is a box of vinyl gloves I use to keep my hands off the drawing surface.

The studio room is getting a bit crowded these days. I’m hoping next year to move into a larger space, but there are some financial activities that have to take place first.


One comment

  1. i love your table! id love my own space, well i have the bedroom but its so cold and my dining room table is now covered in my art stuff, leaving us all eating off our knees again after wanting a table for years :-/

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