Drawing: Phone Call at the Beach

September 17, 2011

Here’s a recent sketch made from a series of photos I took awhile back. It’s in pencil on 8.5×11 inch paper.



  1. Hi DB,
    I always enjoy your updates; I am also an artist. What I am curious about is what interests you about your choices, especially this one? What made you want to develop him?
    Best, DK

    • Hello, Kate. I’m glad you’re enjoying the updates, as few and far between as they’ve been of late.
      I tend to prefer candid poses from real life situations. I’m not a stickler on that point, however, such as my recent drawings of sculptures that I liked. Most often I just start out wanting to draw (or paint) something, and look for what I think will make a nice original drawing. In this case, after digging through my files, I spotted this figure who was almost out of frame, very small, and slightly out of focus in the photo, but there was enough there to work with. In fact, low res photos allow me to add more of my own interpretation of things, which works well for me. I thought the pose was interesting, and the lighting created a good range of values. People with cell phones also make good models and subject matter.

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