BBC “Your Paintings” Site Launch

June 25, 2011

The website BBC Your Paintings recently launched to allow for online viewing of various participating art galleries and museums all located in the United Kingdom. The target number of works will be 200,000 of which over 60,000 is currently available with additions planned every month.

The primary focus appears to be paintings, especially oils. I hope that will be expanded to include drawings and sculptures in the future. The picture viewing is interesting as well. The image resolution is reasonably large; although, not as high as I would prefer. The grouping of work is presently by title, artist, or location. This makes for some odd parings, like Lucian Freud placed between Delacroix and Gainsborough, but if you live in or will be visiting the UK, it can assist you to see what works of art are in those specific galleries or museums. An interesting feature offered is online tagging of each image whereby anyone apparently can add descriptive information to the image that will assist online researchers.

I applaud the BBC and The Public Catalogue Foundation for this effort and their generosity.



  1. great site
    thanks for bringing it to my attention
    its early days yet i think
    when it gets going it will be brilliant

  2. looks great…will definitely be on there when I have some more time to look properly…

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