Drawing of Sitting Figure

April 8, 2011

Here’s another figure drawing. Click to enlarge the images. This one is of a different model than shown in the previous posts (her name is Sheila,) and was started a few months ago. The drawing session lasted for about an hour. I got as far as I could in that time, and then took a couple photo references to finish it up later, which turned out to be just today. The finish involved mostly just adding darker values.

This was drawn on a full sheet of 14×17 inch bristol paper using a Uniball Gelstick pen. They’re nice for drawing, making a very dark black line, but they tend to blob up a bit like a fountain pen. You can manage the marks better if you draw with a sweeping motion.



  1. she looks like, that she has pain in her left thigh..

    • Well, if she did she kept it to herself.

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