Girls in the Park Painting: Part 2

March 19, 2011

Showing a little more progress on the new oil painting. This is the bottom half grass area.

Closeup of painting

You can see here the red-violet undertone on the right side, which I’ve covered with a thin layer of red oxide and then various mixes of green and yellow ochre. Because the undertone is dry, I’m able to lightly scrape through the paint layer as I apply it without exposing the white of the gesso beneath.

Here’s a closeup of the palette of colors I’m using. From left to right: red oxide (mixed with light gray,) yellow ochre, a light gray mix (titanium white, ivory black, and yellow ochre,) titanium white, ivory black, chromium oxide green, and phthalo blue-green. The light gray serves as a sort of bridge color for both the red and green shades.

Those “brushes” laying in the center of the palette are actually rubber tipped tools called “colour shapers.” I’m using them here in order to be able to dig into the paint as I apply it, sort of like using tiny paint knives. I also use a regular brush to soften the paint edges as well. This helps give me a proper texture for the grass.


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