New Painting: Girls in the Park

March 17, 2011

I’ve finally gotten around to starting a new painting. This is an oil on the recently prepared gesso panel I made a few days ago. The image is based on a couple of old sketches.

The picture on the right shows the inverted hues (made with Photoshop) of the actual painting on the left. This gives you the general idea of the target colors I’ll be using next; although, that might change some and the values will be different, especially in the background.

The medium I’m using here is a bottle of “Xavier de Langlais Egg Medium” by Lefranc Bourgeois. It’s extremely simple to make an egg/oil medium from fresh ingredients, but I wanted to use this since it’s been sitting around awhile. It works well as an undertone medium that dilutes with water. It also glazes easily, as you can see in the red jacket of the foreground figure.



  1. Nice works!

    • Thank you.

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