Tablesaw Sled Jig

January 26, 2011

I’m planning to build a few frames this weekend, so I wanted to make a simple sled to help streamline the corner cutting process. I’m adapting it to the little 8″ tablesaw I bought a few years ago.

I decided to make the base out of 1/4″ hardboard. This will be a little more flimsy than plywood, but I didn’t want to sacrifice height. I may change my mind later, but this works okay. I picked up a second push guide at the hardware store (top right corner,) and screwed them both to the base where they fit into the grooves of the tablesaw.

Still to do is to glue a block on the bottom right side that lines up with the bottom push guide. That will help keep the wood square as it’s being cut. The blade is set at 45 degrees to cut along the depth of the frame corners. I may later add another block to the top left area for cutting 45 degree angles with the blade set 90 degrees vertical. When the blades at an angle it has more of an opportunity to slip.


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