New Painting Started: Biking on CR3112

November 18, 2010

I’ve finally managed to start up a new painting. Hopefully I can manage to get most of it finished before Thanksgiving. The subject is based on a photo I took near my Mother’s home. It’ll show a bike rider peddling down this tree-lined county road.

This one is in oil paint, for a change. The surface is a 12×16 inch panel I’ve prepared using 100# bristol paper that’s been sized with shellac and mounted to hardboard. I began with a quick outline using a red ochre watercolor pencil, and then loosely applied thin preliminary undertones of complementary neutral blues in a middle range of values.

Close-up detail

The medium I’m using is methylcellulose, which is a water and oil emulsifier that works well for oil paint undertones without requiring solvent and dries quickly. I thin it with water to the right consistency, mix in the paint and apply, being careful not to get it too thick. It will be touch-dry in half an hour at the most. I could use a solvent instead, like turpentine or mineral spirits, but this has more adhesive power and no need for ventilation.


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  1. […] back I mentioned how I was using methylcellulose (“MC”) as a water/oil emulsion to make undertones for oil paintings. I thought I’d go into […]

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