Painting Update 3: Shakespeare in the Park

August 5, 2010

Remember this one? I finally managed to get the whole surface painted. That was more effort than I anticipated. Whew!

It’s still a long way from being finished. Some sections are okay but many other areas need some touching up. I think I’m going to set it aside for awhile, re-energize myself, and come back to it later.



  1. That’s a great picture David; it really has such a good feel and level of finish to it. Congratulations; your work inspires me to perspire at it!

    I live in Vancouver BC and had lunch adjacent to a woman in town on a conference from Santa Ana area, and she suggested I send her some pics of mine via email! I love Americans; they buy art much more than Canadians. We’re a backwater here in Vancouver particularly. The scenery is breathtaking and the politicians talk about it being a world-class city and we all wonder if they’ve ever traveled!!

  2. Thank you, Nancy.
    I’ve not been to Vancouver, but have enjoyed the view from a couple plane flights overhead.
    I hope that connection is financially successful for you.

    • moi aussi! (that’s our mandatory high school French kicking in.) Thanks for the good thoughts.

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